What's the difference between a Dedicated IP, Domain & Sub-Domain under Aquatis?

All the items listed above are methods for connections to connect to your Minecraft server.

Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP is an IP with no port. It changes your server IP from ( to ( an IP with no port.
A dedicated IP is not a domain. However, it is used for servers starting out that don't want a port. It is also used for connecting domains & subdomains to the Minecraft server.


A domain is a record like (myserver.net) or (coolminecraftserver.org). You can't buy a domain from aquatis as you need to buy domains from other registrars like Namecheap & GoDaddy.
Domains do cost money. Around $10 a year at a base cost. We recommend if you start a network you do get a domain.


A sub-domain is a sub-record of your actual domain. If you own the domain (xylemnetwork.net). You can make a subdomain as (play.xylemnetwork.net) & (mc.xylemnetwork.net). You can make as many DNS records as you want for free. However, the end of the domain needs to be the same as the original domain. (.xylemnetwork.net) - The star represents anything you can place as the subdomain.

A sub-domain is generally used for servers for players to join. You could use (mc.xylemnetwork.net) for players to join your server if you own the domain. We can assist you in the setup progress.
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