IP masking is a service under aquatis that masks your original server IP between a barrier. When hackers try to track your original server IP. They will be presented with an IP currently not hosted under us. Which protects your server from any kind of DDoS attacks.

Example 1 | No Protection

You recently banned a player who has a has an access to a booter. He wants revenge, so he runs the booter towards your server. Which knocks it down. However, our basic DDoS protection should hold your server up. Usual attacks are 500mbps to 1GBPS
Hacker (Commands) -> Booter (TCP Flood) -> Your Server (

Example 2 | Semi-Protection

After example 1. You decide to direct players to a sub-domain. You ban another player. However, some server attacks don't have knowledge on how to attack sub-domains. Some attacks may pass through some may not. If the person knows what he is doing. The attack could be 1GBPS - 30GBPS.

Hacker (Commands) -> Booter (TCP Flood) -> DNS Host (Resolve Domain to IP) -> Your Server (

Example 3 | Total-Protection

After example 2. You decide to upgrade with aquatis core IP Masking. You ban another player. However, the hacker tries to resolve your original server IP & attacks the one given to him. However, our IP masking has given him the wrong IP. The attack has no effect on our machines. The attack could be 40GBPS - 100GBPS.**
Hacker (Commands) -> Booter (TCP Flood)
-> DNS Host Resolve (Resolve Domain to Random IP) -> Given IP (**
-> DNS Host Resolve (Resolve Minecraft Client to Random IP) -> Your Server (
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