My Website Is Getting A 500 Internal Server Error?

This is usually caused by files with incorrect permissions being uploaded to the website. Here are some steps on how to fix it.

Step 1
Login to your cPanel interface.

Step 2
Scroll down to the Metrics section and select Errors.

Step 3
Review the error log. The top line is the most recent error you were viewing.
[Sun Feb 11 21:13:24.055862 2018] [:error] [pid 833] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:267: File "/home/(**yourcpanelusername**)/public_html/index.php" is **writeable by group**

Step 4
It shows above that the specific file is writable by group. We need to login to the file manager and change the permissions. Go back to the main dashboard navigate to Files then select File Manager.

Step 5
Go to the directory where you're receiving the error. Then right click the file and select change permissions.

Step 6
You will be viewing the file below as shown.

As visible in the image above. The group can write to the file. Simply deselect the box in the middle of the 3x3 checkbox grid. The bottom numbers should say 644. Once your set, hit change permissions. Then you're done! If you're having the same issues with the folders. Simply change the folders the same way above. They will have different permission numbers. Just ensure the middle box is unclicked as well!

Check if the error has disappeared as it should have. If not you may have to do more research on that file.
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