I got charged twice for my service?

You may have left a recurring payment running on your account. A recurring payment is a subscription letting PayPal know you want to send money to us on a month to month basis automatically. However, if you sent us the payment for your invoice manually, PayPal will still send the recurring payment over.

Why does it charge twice anyways?
Usually, PayPal's recurring payments send payments to Aquatis LLC on a monthly basis to automatic renew your server just in case you are out of town. However, if you do send a manual payment over or pay your server earlier, it doesn't cancel that recurring payment for that month. Paypal still sends the money from your balance to our balance. If you wish to cancel that recurring payment, below is an article on how to do so.


Am I able to get a refund?
If our refund TOS applies to your product there is a possible chance for a refund. Most likely the extra payment would be automatically added to your billing area account balance.
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