So you have a nice server and now you want to build a playerbase since its such a daunting task that can be completed in many ways whats the best way if you dont have a lot of money?

Step 1:

go on Spigot/MCM and contact plugin developers about small unique plugins
make sure your graphics are custom to your server
do not try to copy others its very annoying to plugin developers, graphics artist, and often times players
make sure your server does not have a high learning curve until players are more aware of the server.

Step 2:

Advertise your server anywhere possible if you have the money you can advertise directly on the MCM homepage for 20$/week MCSL offers an advertisement bid monthly and you can add your server to a few of the hundreds of possible voting sites.

Step 3:

if your server has support then have support and not a huge delay on a response for the most basic things
have your staff educated before allowing them to do anything
get players aware of the play-style of your server, the rules/regulations ect
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